“Mahinda Chintana” – Vision Towards a New Sri Lanka aimed at raising the GDP .. The importance of the tree cropsector in the national economy and its future. DOWNLOAD MAHINDA CHINTHANA VISION FOR THE FUTURE mahinda chinthana vision for pdf. Early life and career Background. Mahinda Rajapaksa was. mahinda chinthana vision for the future. Fri, 14 Dec GMT mahinda chinthana vision for the pdf – Leader of the Sri Lanka Freedom. Party; In office.

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That may be true. The ending of the armed struggle meant that there had arisen a suitable foundation upon which socio-economic development and citizen empowerment could be built. Divide and Rule is the game of the day. They represented the core values of the man we mistakenly. Thereafter, the Draft Policy was taken through a process of consultation with key national stakeholders including religious leaders, civil society and the mahindz. But not as many as one would hope.

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Mahinda Chintana Vision, Reconciliation And Implementation

By Salma Yusuf —. The research and innovation endeavour of ICTA also focused on apparel, information security and mobile technology.

Under industry promotion and development, startup grants were also given and 11 startups benefitted from the project. It is also a good time to look at our scriptures, chronicles and national policy statements.

Here ICTA wishes to focus on just one aspect in which the private sector could play a significant role in achieving some of the national ICT targets. Kindly use a genuine email ID and provide your name.


The ICBP has three broad sub-components: Many aesthetic subjects that originated in these monastic centres of learning greatly contributed to the knowledge foundation of the world. In the recent past, over 30 training programmes were held and more than 1, professionals were trained under the domestic ICT learning seminar project.

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The Draft Policy was initially produced by a small group of persons characterized by multi-party, multi-ethnic representation. ICTA is keen on strengthening the existing ICT industry in Sri Lanka, encouraging emerging sectors of the industry and entrepreneurship, stimulating broad-based industry growth and promoting international competitiveness.

The triple hallmark of the proposed National Policy on Reconciliation for Sri Lanka has very appropriately been identified as development, empowerment and restitution.

mahinda chinthana vision for the future

These programs were facilitated with about 30 strategies. Tuesday, 1 January Gehanu Gathiya And Pirimikama: ICTA firmly believes that vuture development of the nation cannot take place without the participation of all sectors and considers the private sector an important partner in progress.

Your email address will not be published. These mahinfa areas that go a long way in total ICT development. All the content on this website is copyright protected and can be reproduced only by giving the due courtesy to ‘ft. The overall goal of the ICBP is to strengthen, predominantly through private sector-led initiatives, the existing ICT industry in Sri Lanka; to encourage emerging sectors of the industry and entrepreneurship, to stimulate broad-based industry growth and to promote international competitiveness.


Key aspects of the proposed National Policy on Reconciliation drafted at the Secretariat of the Presidential Advisor on Reconciliation are particularly striking as creative and innovative in that they require the participation and support of all stakeholders involved coupled with the fact that while being essential towards a larger reconciliation framework, individually and separately have merit in the reconciliatory dividends that each is capable of realizing.

He made some revealing pronouncements. Therefore, an attempt is made through the current article to disclose sufficient information to whet the interest of readers.

Strategies which come under this programme cover overseas training, local scholarships, domestic professional courses and in-house training and vendor accreditations.

ICT capacity building fulfilling Mahinda Chinthana vision for the future in the New Year

The future market for employment will depend entirely on these skills. The Mahinda Chinthana Vision for the Future states: This led to a large number of students opting for IT-BPO as a career of choice parallel to or even excelling the traditionally prestigious fields of medicine, engineering and accountancy. Today’s Columnists Impeachment or censure; a moral imperative Tuesday, 1 January ICTA implements this development programme via a six-pronged strategy which encompasses building implementation capacity, building information infrastructure and an enabling environment, developing ICT human resources, modernising the Government and delivering citizen services, and leveraging ICT for economic and social development through public-private partnerships and eSociety.

After the unenthusiastic reinstatement of Ranil Wickremesinghe as Prime Minister, the President delivered a belligerent broadside to the UNF hierarchy.