Manchild in the Promised Land is indeed one of the most remarkable autobiographies of our time. This thinly fictionalized account of Claude Brown’s childhood. In the person of Sonny, the book’s narrator, Claude Brown tells his own story of Claude Brown’s classic autobiography Manchild in the Promised Land is a. Manchild in the Promised Land by Claude Brown – With more than two million copies in print, Manchild in the Promised Land is one of the most remarkable.

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Bu This is a tough book to read. There were a few times when I thought I would stop just to keep her and Margie, my younger sister, from crying so much. Although that was the first time we had ever been to church together, they would have been surprised if I had put my nickel in the bowl. Not once did Turk ask me how I felt.

Manchild In The Promised Land by Claude Brown | Scholastic

As time went on, I learned that guys catted when they were afraid to go home and that they slept everywhere but in comfortable places. But what coulda happen is that he went someplace and sassed some old person, and that old person put the bad mouth on him. Danny was cooking some bacon at the stove, and Butch was busy hiding stuff.

Aug 30, Mark Bowles rated it it was amazing. She asked me if I wanted a boiled egg. The procedure was that a policeman would take me to the Center in the borough where he had picked me up. When I was 13 years old, Claude Brown transformed the way I saw the world. All the way uptown on the bus, Mama kept telling me that I should be ashamed of myself for making her come down to that court and face those white people. Sometimes Bucky would go home and there would be nobody there.


The cops were telling everybody to move on, and everybody was talking about the riot. Perhaps the only thing that saved him was when he first ‘snorted’ heroin. Jan 01, Anthony Keys rated it it was amazing.

Somebody would try to shortchange me or shake me down.

Tito and Turk said they would get bagged and sent to Warwick by the time I got there. By the time Dixie and I reached the front room, we were old friends.

Bumpy from th Street was up there. No sugar coating life experiences or mistakes. When the girl had gone down the street, I asked Danny what hookey was. Loved being able to get lromised glimpse inside of this world.

Claude Brown: Telling The Harlem Story

Sands was that white man who was always chasing somebody and that I should try to remember what he looked like and always be on the lookout for him. To me, it was like castor oil or black draught. What no one told majchild sharecroppers was that the promised land was a slum ghetto–an overcrowded dirty, stinking, closet-sized section of the city. But even then, she could get away if there was only one at the exit she used.

He told me to go on home. Danny and Butch are probably out there having all the fun in the world. The Centers were located all over the city. Her son had been stabbed in the chest with an ice pick by his wife. Then they would beg her to buy some food before she started drinking up the money.

In some ways, though, this raw and imperfect voice is actually better, because the truth that Claude Brown experienced is not packaged into a nice, digestible Maya Angelou novel; instead he spits out random and seemingly disconnected anecdotes that seem to say, “I don’t give a damn if you like this; this is just something that happened.


Brown is able to find goodness as well, although a realistic sense of it, based on his ability to see beauty in people he amnchild, as well as his own maturity. Different thhe call for different ways to get a rep.

Anyhow, the beatings stopped for a while, and he never mentioned the boat again.

I stood there before Judge Pankin looking solemn and lying like a professional. For two hours, she preached—and for two hours, people were getting up, shouting, jumping up and down, calling to Jesus for help and salvation, and falling out exhausted. They sure looked funny standing there with their mouths wide open and tears rolling down their dirty faces and into their mouths. When I got the drawer out far enough to get my hand in it, I would let the key up real slowly, grab a handful of bills from three slots, and push the drawer back in.

We had all come up together, and we were all a part of this thing, all a part of the Harlem scene in one way or another, all a part of Jim’s death. I had shot him in the leg with a zip gun in a rumble only a few months earlier.

Dunny said he would like to meet him. It begins just prior to his entering street life. What saves Claude Brown is that he doesn’t get arrested after the age of 16, and he has a bad reaction the first time he tries heroin.

Manchild In The Promised Land

Most of the cats I came up with were in jail or dead or strung out on drugs. When I promisd this, there was nothing I could do but agree with Turk. He said that Kid and Danny were in the kitchen.